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Please note that we ship the Wall pannels and Bench boards ordering a total of 300 Euros. Lining is shipped in multiples of 10, Shelves – in multiples of 6.

Lining is an indispensable building material for finishing a sauna. Lining creates a unique atmosphere of coziness and warmth in sauna room and rest room.

If you choose the material is important – here you can buy a lining from aspen. Aspen has properties that make it an excellent choice – it is practically not susceptible to rotting, has antibacterial properties, is pleasant to the body and does not burn it.

Our company offers you high-quality aspen lining, which is ideal for interior of a sauna. Extra-grade and A-grade, softline profile are available. Individual dimensions are available on request.

The lining is available in our stock in Estonia, so we will deliver it to any city in Europe.