Black sauna stone (200-300mm), 200kg

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Product Description

Unique large stone for wood-burning sauna stoves

Specially for community saunas and SPA-centres

  • size of stones 200-300 mm
  • 1 package is 200 kg

Below is comparison of characteristics between the most common sauna stone gabbro-diabase and Black sauna stone.


  • Gabbro 2790-3300 kg/mЗ
  • Black sauna stone 4500 kg/mЗ

Black sauna stone has low thermal expansion coefficient. Therefore, it will not crack in the process of multiple heating and cooling. The life cycle of chrome ironstone is 2-3 times longer than that of gabbro.

Thermal capacity

  • Gabbro 0.79 kJ / kg oC
  • Black sauna stone 92 kJ / kg oC


This enables Black sauna stone to accumulate warmth more efficiently for further emission. This, in its turn, allows the sauna to be more energy-efficient. Experiences show that the use of firewood sinks to 20-30% compared to a stove filled with gabbro-diabase.

ATTENTION: the use of Black sauna stone is forbidden in electric sauna stoves!

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Weight 200 kg