Foamiran Turquoise (№159), 60x70cm, 1mm

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Product Description

Foamiran is a decorative foam material. It is used to create different elements of decor. It is also called flexible suede, foamed rubber, foam EVA.

These are thin sheets (1-2 mm) of foamed material. They look like flower petals!  Our company offers high-quality foamiran.

Foamiran’s advantages:

  • Foamiran is a soft material that accepts any forms
  • When heated, it can be bent, twist, create embossing
  • Ecologically safe, can be used by children
  • Foamiran can easily be cut with scissors
  • Foamiran can be painted by oil or acrylic paints
  • A wide range of color scheme (more than 40 colors)

Foamiran flowers:


Video instructions for making a flower (chanel Emilia Sieradzan):

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Weight 0.035 kg