Cast iron cone for a stove(1 pc., 1.5 kg)

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Product Description

Cast-iron cones are more beautiful analogue of cast-iron cores for a heater.

We sell it by the piece, the weight of one piece is 1.5 kg.

The heat capacity of cast iron is 20% higher than that of stone, and the thermal conductivity is 30 times bigger. 
Therefore, cast-iron cores in the heater allow you to warm the entire heater several times faster and, accordingly, the steam room too. 
Cast iron cores do not crack and don’t crumble at sudden changes in temperature. 
Why is it not recommended to use only cast-iron cores to fill the entire space of the heater? 
Cast iron steam is very dry and hot. To balance its humidity and get a comfortable, soft, wellness steam, a mixed bookmark of cast-iron cores and stones for a heater is used.

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Weight 1.5 kg