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Soapstone (талькохлорит, 20кг)

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Product Description

SOAPSTONE (TALC-MAGNESITE), 20 ± 0.5 kg, size 60 – 150 mm

Sometimes referred to as firestone, steatite, soapstone is one of the best-known sauna stones. It features the greatest heat capacity. We recommend using it in electrical and wood-fuelled stoves for longest heat preservation. Technical tests have proved the stone thermally resistant. Soapstone does not emit harmful impurities and has a sanitation-and-epidemiology certificate on its nuclear safety. When heated, soapstone radiation stimulates the production of Vitamin D in the human body. This vitamin is crucial for bone strengthening and immunity enhancement.


Density: 2980 kg/m3.

Specific heat capacity: 0.98 kJ/kg°C

Compressive strength: 100 to 450 MPa

Melting point: 1630 to 1640 °C

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Weight 20 kg