ERMAK 12 PS Classic

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The most compact wood-fired sauna stove based on “Free Transformation – FT”, with variable functionality. The Yermak-12 PS Classic stove is designed for a small Russian bath or Finnish sauna with a steam room from 6-12 m3.

Design features of the base models:
– Extended functionality (up to 6 options – select options above)
– The depth of the furnace is up to 500 mm.
– Firebox door with panoramic glass.
– Self-cooling handle
– Cast iron grate
– Roomy, ventilated open heater
– The central location of the chimney
– Hole for cleaning gas ducts

In the model of the Ermak-12 PS Classic furnace, the material for the manufacture of the furnace is steel 6 mm thick, and 4 mm steel is lined for the body and the gas duct system, lined to 6 mm in places of the highest thermal loads. Compactness, structural rigidity, and a well-developed heat transfer system distinguish Kamenka stoves for the Ermak bathhouse among analogues, this saves space in the steam room, eliminates the appearance of deformations of the product during heating and ensures good power characteristics.


Volume of the room: 6-12 m3

Power: 12 kW

Kamenka capacity: 40 kg

Dimensions (L / W / H): 59/39/68 cm

Weight, kg: 52

Fuel: Firewood

Add. options:
With heat exchanger / With hinged tank / With remote tank / With wire mesh / With steam generator / With screen convector