Isolon Сornflower (№B549) width 0.75m, 2mm (5 lin.m.)

14.00 inc. Vat

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Isolon, originally created as a heat insulation material, has recently become widely used in decorating – namely, when creating large artificial flowers (as well as foamiran, EVA, etc.). Such flowers are used to decorate weddings, parties, birthdays.

For these purposes Isolon from foamed polyethylene is best suited – it has the least foam structure and the appropriate density. The desired shape can be given to Isolon by heating it with a construction hair dryer. It is also easily cut with scissors or a knife. The ready-made sheets are joined together by a stapler, an adhesive tape or a glue gun.

MOQ is 5 lin.m.

Examples of flowers from Isolon:


Giant foam flowers tutorial (Let’s make it together channel):