Cedar 100% essential oil Vitau 15 ml

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Cedar (also known as Siberian pine) is a symbol of the Ural and Siberian taiga, a powerful, majestic tree. Pine(Cedar) nuts are a storehouse of many nutrients. Cedar wood has ocher-pink color and unusual texture, is used to build houses and make furniture, including bath furniture. Essential oil with a pleasant tart aroma is obtained from cedar needles. Cedar essential oil contains phytoncides –  plant volatile substances that kill microbes and purify the air.

What cedar aroma oil is used for:

  • Cleaning and flavoring indoor air, eliminating unpleasant odors.
  • Strengthening immunity, stabilizing the energy balance, improving concentration.
  • Preventing and treating acute respiratory viral infections, bronchitis, pneumonia – acts as an expectorant, soothes dry cough.
  • Relieving pain and reducing inflammation in joint diseases and injuries.
  • Help in the treatment of skin diseases and injuries, acne, skin rejuvenation.
  • Strengthening hair.
  • Repel moths.

How to use cedar oil:

  • In the bathhouse and sauna: a few drops of cedar oil add to the tank with hot water or to a special evaporator and place on the upper level of the steam room or next to the heat source. In Russian bath (bath) cedarwood oil is also added to the hot water to generate steam by supplying hot water to the heater.
  • For massage: add 2-4 drops of oil to 10-15 g of massage cream or oil.
  • For aromatization and disinfection of air in residential premises: add 3-5 drops of cedar oil to the water for aroma lamps. You can also add oil to a hot water tank by placing it on a heating radiator or use a talc chlorite evaporator.
  • For inhalation: add 2-3 drops of cedar essential oil per several liters of hot water.
  • For baths: mix 3-5 drops of oil with one tablespoon of milk or cream, honey, sea, table or Himalayan salt, mix, add to the bath with warm water.

IMPORTANT! Do not use pure cedar essential oil for any purpose! When adding oil to a cosmetic product or massage cream for the first time, apply a small amount of the product to the back of your forearm to check your body’s reaction.