ECOMIX Duet: Quartz (10kg)+Dolerite (10kg)

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ЭкоМикс ДУЭТ (долерит, кварц; 20 кг), ведро

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Dolerite is a rock that expert lapidaries sometimes dub “black prince”. This unique stone is formed at small depths as a result of molten magma effusion, which is why its structure is that massive. Its chemical composition is similar to that of basalt, but dolerite differs in magma cooling spead. This makes it extremely viscous and heat-capacious comparable to that of soapstone. Obsidian contained in dolerite may hasten your metabolism, which in turn helps you lose your weight.

Density: 2800 to 3000 kg/m3.

Specific heat capacity: 1,05 kJ/kg°C

Compressive strength: 1010 to 2024 MPa

Melting point: 1150 °C

It is RECOMMENDED to lay with with quartz in equal proportion. The scalding steam of quartz will thus be softened with the light steam of dolerite. At the same time, dolerite will function as a heat accumulator, while quartz will be a heat conductor.


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