Porcelain for sauna “Imperial” (ceramic balls) 3,3kg

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Фарфор “Императорский” (Шары керамические; 3,3 кг), ведро

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“Imperial Porcelain” ceramic balls for stoves are made of special mullite-corrundum porcelain. This porcelain is 90% alumunium oxide Al2O3, which is the knowingly hard corrundum.

·         Imperial Porcelain has a Mohs hardness of 9 and is therefore second only to diamond.

·         Its operating temperature is 1650°C, which is almost twice that of jadeite.

·         Its heat capacity is comparable to that of jade and reaches up to 1.1 kJ/(kg°С)

Thanks to these properties, ceramic balls do not crack and do not change in color due to prolonged exposure to cyclical temperature drops.


Density: 3700 kg/m3.

Specific heat capacity: 1,1 kJ/kg°C

Compressive strength: 3000 to 4000 MPa


Melting point: 2050 °C

Diameter: 60mm

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