Porphyrite, 20 kg

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Volcanite (порфирит, 20 кг), коробка Vitau

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Porphyrite is crystallized volcanic lava. It sustains prolonged heating and multiple temperature drops. It is capable of long heat preservation. The chemical composition of porphyrite has no harmful compounds or radionuclides, a fact evidenced in the relevant sanitation-and-epidemiology nuclear safety certificate. Low-volume admixtures of various magmatic rocks in its composition will re-create mountain freshness in your steam room when heated. Porphyrite adjusts blood pressure after hot procedures and has healthstome effects on your skin.


Density: 2520 kg/m3.

Specific heat capacity: 0,83 kJ/kg°C

Compressive strength: 400 MPa

Melting point: 1175 to 1300 °C

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